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Since 2003 in SEO optimization

SEO consultant - SEO freelance Spain
As SEO consultant I bring a lot of value to the projects in which I participate, whether they are short, long-term projects or through team working. Let's talk about your needs!

I participate in projects of all sizes and sectors: from aesthetics to robotics, from tourism to energy, from ecommerce to universities; I always look for a good opportunity to expand knowledge, learning about SEO opportunities and pitfalls in new sectors or niches.

Not only as an SEO specialist, I also provide leadership, strategy and planning at multidisciplinary tables.

My ability to adapt makes me attractive to agencies that need to quickly integrate external resources. Much of my work is invisible since I have done a lot of outsourcing for established agencies in countries such as Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland and Poland, along with client projects in those mentioned plus Portugal, Uruguay, Estonia and the United States.