Introducing freelance SEO expert Ricard Menor

What makes an expert? What are those SEO fields I am bolder with? Am I any outstanding from the SEO industry crowd? Who, or what, entices me to award myself the Freelance SEO Expert title?

Sure as noindex those are your first thoughts right now. It is very easy to build a site and claim you drink from the Nectars of SEO.

Time is a pain for much people, but not for me because it puts everyone in the right place and that makes a lot of room for me to grow as a SEO professional. Market (and Life) put me there, and there I stand.

I might be a (yet another time) freelance SEO expert like many others you may find in your district, town or browsing and googling.
But know that when things go fine and SEO results ramp, I am there. Things go all wrong (what’s that?) I am there. You need my voice and expertise at your monthly  report Meeting… I am there.

Sounds obvious, but it is not so obvious to be a professional SEO nowadays. SEO has a big part of it under the shades, always in question, always seen as something dark, manipulative and feeding on opportunity no matter who loses.

So FIRST comes the Person, then comes the Expert. Congratulations to me, my customers say I am both. Be next, have an oppinion.

If your company does not engage with SEO, will worry about SEO.

Freelance SEO expert recommendations available at LinkedIn and Google

Freelance SEO expert recommendations available at LinkedIn and Google

Recommendations as freelance SEO expert

I appreciate and publish this compilation with some testimonials from clients and collaborators who offer their opinion about me as a recommended consultant.
Aspect being reviewed is my service as freelance SEO expert, as a whole.

“Personally, as a web programmer, one of the characteristics that I would highlight most about Ricard is his good communication: he understands the technical language of web development and communicates in a concise and didactic way. He is a great connoisseur of the different aspects of web page positioning and an avid researcher: as an SEO expert he stays informed, is hard-working and a good co-worker” April 7, 2011

Naoise Golden, Senior Web Developer, XING

“I join my colleagues in recommending Ricard. We collaborated together in the Fans de Catalunya project for Tourism of Catalonia in which he demonstrated extensive knowledge in the SEO field.” April 1, 2011

Your best qualities: Great results, SEO expert, High integrity

Cristina Capon, hired Ricard as Business Advisor in 2010

“I recommend Ricard in his role as SEO expert. Good teamwork and excellent results. Thank you Ricard!” March 28, 2011

Your best qualities: Great results, Expert, Good value for money

Zaira Gras, has hired Ricard as an SEO expert in 2011, and has hired Ricard more than once

“I recommend Ricard as you can fully trust him and the results of his work. He is a great professional and perfectly dominates his field” March 28, 2011

Your best qualities: Great results, Expertise, High integrity

Silvia Miralles Juanola, has hired Ricard as Freelance SEO Expert in 2008, and has hired Ricard more than once

“Ricard’s preparation in terms of technology and SEO is indisputable. Really, whenever we have met, I have been surprised by his knowledge of a world, until a few months ago, unknown to me.” May 26, 2010

Sergi Sabrià i Benito, Mayor, Ajuntament de Palafrugell

“He is a brilliant mind in SEO” April 1, 2010

Your best qualities: Great results, Expertise, High integrity

Xavier Esteva Roca, has hired Ricard as Information Technology Advisor in 2009, and has hired Ricard more than once

“Ricard is a specialist in SEO tactics and actions. He empathizes with the client and the project, granting a high degree of professionalism. And the results prove it.” October 6, 2009

Oscar Mascort, Marketing & DirCom Manager, Aurum Grup, worked with Ricard at Aurum Grup, SEO Manager

Recommendations as SEO Manager

“Ricard has an enduring intellectual curiosity about SEO and SMM. He helped EnGrande improve many technical aspects of our SEO program. Ricard is a team player, and someone who keeps himself up to date with the latest SEO developments. He can make solid contributions to web businesses trying to improve their visibility in search engines.” 3 de abril de 2011

John Erceg, Owner, General Manager, (EnGrande S.L.) has supervised Ricard indirectly at Engrande

“Ricard’s work has greatly improved our organic traffic and its income with minimal costs, his contributions to the general improvement of the SEO of our portals have been observed in all the KPIs. His constant SE mindset updating allows him to obtain performance and contribute ideas in any field of inbound marketing, with innovative ideas and techniques in SEO and sound suggestions in SMO.
On the other hand, his motivation and dedication are contagious, and his personal treatment is magnificent” March 29, 2011

Fernando Constantino, VP – Marketing, has supervised Ricard at Engrande

“In addition to being an excellent co-worker and having helped us greatly improve our positioning, Ricard has technical knowledge that makes it very easy to carry out projects. A true professional and highly recommended as an SEO expert.” March 27, 2011

Mariano F. Benítez Mulet, Senior Software Developer, EnGrande S.L. has worked with Ricard at Engrande

“Ricard is a dedicated and resourceful person. SEO was a domain that we had major difficulties in, and Ricard was able to help the company improve significantly. In a very short period of time we started seeing tangible results. In addition to his high professional expertise, Ricard is also a great person to work with. His calm attitude and friendly approach make working with him a pleasant experience. I recommend Ricard as a freelance SEO expert to any future employer.” March 25, 2011

Abraham (Abi) Meir, Executive Advisor to CEO, EnGrande, has supervised Ricard indirectly at Engrande

“I have been working with Ricard over the past few months, and as a business partner I have found him to be professional, open-minded, clear and unassuming. Ricard has a great ability to orchestrate meaningful conversation in critical and strategic thinking and provide quality feedback. I would recommend Ricard as a business partner, and any company lucky enough to associate with him would be grateful to access his talent.” November 3, 2010

Cedric Chenefront, Freelance Web Copy and Content Writer (Australia), Cedric Jean has been Ricard’s advisor or contractor in Engrande

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ricard on several Dutch translation projects. The communication back-and-forwards is always pleasant and clear, the projects on hand fun and interesting. He is very clear on what he wants and what he expects out of the job, and that makes life so much easier. I’m looking forward to the next collaboration.” October 20, 2010

Froukje Frijlink, Owner, Wild Flower Translations, has been Ricard’s advisor or contractor in Engrande

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