How is your website doing on SERPs? Ranking Reports service

Ranking reports are one of the most obvious SEO reports expected by customers, they provide a detailed status of your visibility at a given moment.

These SEO reports are base deliverables, its function is to show the evolution of the results the pages of your website are getting on Google result pages (or any other Search Engine you’re interested in) in respects to a set of given keywords.

SEO efforts are not enough, we need to see SEO effects in order to take rightful decisions.

How important is a good ranking report?

There are several possible answers to the function of a web positioning report and from this function we bring benefits for your business, for the client website. Broadly speaking there are 3 types of ranking reports.
Let’s review this list and develop on it, explaining by the example:

  1. Reports based on keywords
    • Relative Ranking report
    • Ranking report in context
  2. Reports based in URLs
    • Top ranking websites for
  3. Reports based on the Search Engine
    • Top ranking Websites in (Google)
Palabras clave

SEO ranking reports available

Our standard ranking reports will help you understand the evolution of the project, do not forget we can tailor reports to help you in your particular case.

Basic ranking report

This one falls in the relative ranking reports based on keywords, leaving the format aside this report consists in a grid showing the monitored keywords, the URLs of the monitored domain/s and cumulative detail (gives evolution insights): present ranking, previous, change (a visul help), best historical ranking and results page where this result is (Google results page 1, 2 and up to 5th page), it can integrate extra data if you provide us with access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console services (Google Search console was known as Webmaster Tools). The deliverable format can be: PDF, Excel, HTML, TXT, CSV or XML. This report is purely informative and wants to be very visual so you get a quick picture of your monthly results measured in number of won/lost positions and keywords arribed at or gone from Top 50. Due to its focus a typical user would have a managing role, management or coordination of the project, without a need for drilling down to fine detail, operative details or tactics.

Crossed ranking report

This type based on keyword but within a context is richer than the basic report and is focused on the comparison rather than mere information. Of course includes basic data but its format (Excel) makes it operable by pre-set filters. Contrasts the keyword ranking of your pages against competitors of reference (agreed during planning), so you know the rankings of the competition in parallel to yours, so you know what is your place and where you are in relation to your competition. This report is in fact part of our internal work documentation but after long dialogue with our customers we concluded that it was a very valuable deliverable, typically useful for executive/technical profiles linked to the project and delivered in Microsoft Excel to keep the many features that make this report valuable for taking decisions.

Top 50 Ranking report

Falls into the category of reports based on URL, offers very little detail but is very useful for detecting niche competition, look for allies, prospect for link building campaigns and other uses we did not discover yet (or we don’t want to unveil )
By its nature this report does not match with any given user profile so it is valid for anybody’s eyes, up to everyone to read and take adequate decisions. Obviously this report can be reused merging into a richer crossed report. Available upon preference in PDF, Excel, HTML, TXT, CSV or XML.