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Experience as freelance SEO

Established 2003

20th Aniversary as Freelance SEO consultant

Freelance SEO Ricard Menor

20th Aniversary as Freelance SEO consultant

Freelance SEO Ricard Menor
Full time SEO freelance B2B/B2C professional, whether they are short, long-term projects or through team working. Let's talk about your needs

I participate in projects of all sizes and sectors: from aesthetics to robotics, from tourism to energy, from ecommerce to universities; I always look for a good opportunity to expand knowledge, learning about SEO strategies, tactics and pitfalls in new sectors or niches.

Not only as a Freelance SEO, I also provide leadership, strategy and planning at multidisciplinary tables.

My ability to adapt makes me attractive to agencies that need to quickly integrate external resources. Much of my work is invisible since I have done a lot of outsourcing for established agencies in countries such as Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland and Poland, among others. I am registered in VIES and can invoice companies in UK, Europe or USA.

I used to fly a lot for working in North Europe. My usual work environment used to be the metropolitan area of Barcelona, commuting was part of the job. Our World has changed overnight and so did I. I have been teleworking almost 100% since 2019, for many reasons not only carbon footprint or time saving: I used to fly to Germany  until broke up with my contractor, a month before that flight we all ended up staring at the tv screen in horror. I have kids and eager for life, that was inconceivable.

Hearts up! I move easily from muddy trenches to high end meeting rooms, I am an easy to deal with professional, a person with conciliatory spirit and healthy ambition.

How can I help you?

Some of the things this Freelance SEO can do for you:

  • Comprehensive web projects

    Invest in building, not in rebuilding indefinitely. Hiring a freelance SEO expert at minute zero saves money and time.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical optimization and best practices

  • Organic growth strategy

    Inbound marketing, innovation and sustainable growth

  • External consultancy

    Use my experience as a SEO consultant: Do not assume, ask openly!

  • Training

    Improve your team abilities, get your people an “always on” mindset.

  • Content strategy and tactics

    From snippets to articles: whenever a blank page is a problem, I provide solutions.

  • Social interest projects

    NGO – NPO projects with social goals, public health or natural environment.


Background as SEO Freelance

My career as a freelance SEO consultant began more than 20 years ago. It started as mere intellectual curiosity… Thank you, curiosity!

I started with web design in 1999, which I left in favor of an incipient SEO services at the time I understood that the search for information would be a business in itself. First with local work at the end of 2002 until reaching, with the maturity of the experience, a professional background that allows me to show an extensive and quality portfolio; all without losing a bit of curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

I dedicate myself to full-time SEO consulting, my specialty is SEO optimization. That is, I help companies and public/private organizations to achieve their business or institutional objectives by improving their online visibility.

Oh, let me underline that I am a reputed Schema SEO specialist. I can write custom Schema JSON-LD scripts for your site, company, products, services, digital goods, whatever!


My 5 basic pillars:

  1. Integrity, ethics and professionalism in SEO practice.
  2. Holistic perspective of SEO, its techniques, elements, methodologies and applications.
  3. Creativity and open mind solving web positioning problems.
  4. Experience and ability in international projects with professional English.
  5. Synergistic and transversal, accessible and as humble as the competition allows me to be.

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About this website

Halfway between representation and experimentation, this Freelance SEO website faces the challenge of competing in the freelance consulting market, while allowing me to try things not feasible in a sandbox.

Competition is tough, but I successfully defend my own space offering SEO services to local and international markets. Here I stand!

Comprehensive web projects

If you need a website that represents your company with elegance and functionality, while it is visible on Google, I can help.

Not only do I do SEO consulting, I also build websites with WordPress that obviously go out to the public with the best SEO practices for this web content management system.

I am your choice if you need a representative, corporate website, without greater complexities than a correct presentation on any device, original texts, optimized with the right keywords to your niche and in general correct at all levels.

Making a website by applying startup SEO will save you money and effort in the medium and long term, since you will not have to rebuild things to adapt them to the best SEO standards; they will just be there from the beginning.

You lose nothing by consulting your case without obligation!

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