Wordpress SEO consulting for Advocate Abroad – English speaking professionals abroad

Portal aimed at native english expatriates, to solve professional needs. English speaking lawyers in Spain is an adequate summary of the project, featuring best available professionals on each field, with remarks on fields like divorce in Spain or property law based on highly experienced and skilled native professionals.

Web optimization of the WordPress project, performance improvement and SEO positioning for the Advocate Abroad professional directory.

  • Web positioning monitoring

    Detailed control of all events detected in the Google Console, attentive to any negative fluctuations in SEO positioning and search performance.

  • Follow up meetings

    Monthly meetings via Skype and email with the project manager.

  • WordPress best SEO practices

    The details of the operation of the web are improved following the best practices and SEO development suggestions for the Advocate Abroad website, based on the famous WordPress content manager.

  • Post-publication monitoring

    Traffic analysis resulting from the improvements to establish possible leaks, problems or pending elements to manage and be able to give an opinion on the state of the optimization. Special attention to the June 3 update from Google.

Other SEO WordPress consulting projects:

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SEO web migration to update the online showcase of one of the best rated campsites on the Costa Brava in Girona. Total renewal of the website to adapt it to Mobile First Indexing.

Sport fishing equipment sales portal

The appearance of this distributor of electric vehicles for individual transport required a strong review of objectives and online presence.

The Advocate Abroad project requires the implementation of SEO best practices for WordPress on all fronts. With a goal of gradual growth, the project advances at a good pace, achieving high performance standards.

Credits: all images and video come from the web and public accounts of Advocate Abroad.

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