Keyword research English to Spanish

Keyword research is the foundation of the SEO campaign

The Keyword Study (also known as keyword analysis) is really the most basic of any SEO effort, it could even be placed ahead of having your own website to do web promotion.

If you think that it is more basic to have your own website available than to know the keywords that have value in your field of activity, you are making a basic mistake that in the best case will cost you much more money. So?


Keyword research carried out by an SEO expert reveals information that, applied from minute zero of the web project, saves money in the medium and long term and at the same time increases the chances of success of the campaign.

How to get advantages with a keyword study?

This keyword analysis is not the key to success on its own, nor is it a secret weapon – your competition already knows this and that’s why they’re one step ahead of you.

However, it is thanks to this study that a list of search terms is obtained (keywords, queries or queries in English) valued based on their monthly use volume, the bid price in SEM campaigns and other values ​​such as their difficulty index (understood these keywords as barriers to entry or economies of scale) and other data of interest.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter and the answer to the essential need for a keyword study…

Keywords are the expression of needs, concerns and emotions

I am not going to get deep, in fact this is very simple and human, so much that it can be rationalized in 2 points of origin:

  1. Human language: as a means of expressing ideas and concepts, our various languages ​​are used to express what we seek, what we want. And why? Because we need it or even more human, we want it because that something has touched some fiber of our psyche.
    A memory, an experience, a longing … Everything is expressed in words.
  2. Search patterns: when many people feel the same impulse (let’s call it “interest”), the repetitive use of queries creates a pattern that the logic behind the search engines detects, analyzes and offers as a high-value by-product – that does not sound Pejorative about sub- for online marketing professionals like myself. Since humans organize around common interests, each area of ​​interest creates its own “island” of queries – why fool us, Google queries – and these are from specific application to each type of project.

These “islands” receive the unattractive name of clusters, that is, semantic clusters (by meaning) that occupy spaces very close to or overlapping with the main concept. In short: the nouns (product or service we are looking for) along with their variants, synonyms and complements.

My SEO reports arise from the previous keyword study; I usually categorize keywords to facilitate the detection of trends grouped by category, that is, it is not only important to see whether or not we are doing well with a given keyword, but also to appreciate the trend of the semantic set of that keyword, that is, your cluster.

Build the right story for the right audience

This is the advantage offered by a keyword study prior to designing a website, updating it or renewing its contents.

If money is invested in publishing a website whose content does not intersect with the search intention of the target audience, it is money badly invested and means double expenditure in the medium-long term, depending on how badly the commercial performance of the current website goes. .

With a decent report, you can draw up a content deployment plan, which in slang is known as keyword mapping.
That is, assigning a keyword (even small clusters) to each piece of content.

Wrong keywords = wrong audience

Creating content with the wrong keywords has a double problem:

  • You do not intercept the search intention that a conversion could produce on your website (purchase, reservation, call, etc.).
  • Since Google Search is a “modern” service, you ALWAYS intercept some search intention, so the little that can be attracted to the web is to the public that does not search or want anything that is offered.

Freelancer SEO expert

More than 21 years of SEO consulting make me a real partner for SMEs, the right candidate to deal with their SEO issues and needs.

Leading SEO from knowledge and Growth by Method, from strategy plans to tactical tasks and actions everything has room in my SEO services, as long as sustainable, legal and proofed to be aligned with Google guidelines… Please notice aligned, not blindly following.

The Product: SEO keyword research

  • Deliverable report (typically Excel).
  • Keywords grouped by categories.
  • Detailed information on the value of each keyword.
  • Data crossing with the Google Search Console of the client domain.

Minimum report fee 75€.

  • Minimum gross keyword volume: typically 300-500.
  • Minimum net keyword volume: typically 250-280.
  • Prepaid service. Quality and service guaranteed by more than 15 years of office.
  • Delivery time: according to volume, the minimum report is delivered within 24 business hours of payment.
  • These data are approximate, based on experience; It may vary according to sector/niche of activity.
  • The total or partial categorization of the list will depend on the volume of keywords collected and the budget for the report, and the categorization may remain in the hands of the client.
  • The pricing criteria is based on the costs incurred for the necessary tools and the time consumed in the categorization, which is manual. As a guide, the base price presupposes between 1 and 2 hours of work.
    If you have any questions, we can always talk and discuss your case.

This service is ideally complemented by:

  • Google Ranking Reports: Web positioning reports, showing the rank for each monitored keyword.
  • Google Search Console Management.
  • In-deep SEO audit – Full range plus Technical SEO.
  • Updating of websites, blogs and landing pages.
  • Website optimization – especially WordPress based.