Web Analysis for search engine optimization

SEO analysis are necessary audits because this is not a perfect world in which web pages are designed and developed from the ground up with a solid SEO base for smarter, way more efficient and faster ROI web positioning. If your site does not perform as it should, your application to potential client will be your first step in the right direction.

Do I need an SEO audit on my website?

If you are still wondering you’ve probably never gone through an SEO analyzer test or by one of the many web analytics tools available online. These are based on the model of free use and by paying a license will access higher levels of information.

They are intended for use by people with some degree of knowledge about SEO, perhaps individuals or SEO professionals and agencies. On the latter we would like to refine 4 types of typical behavior that we do not share:

  • Using simple and automated SEO audits as a comercial hook.
  • Building fear: dramathic warnings and exagerated calls to action.
  • Using one of those online “Export PDF” reports as a paid deliverable.
  • Blindly believing in the opinion of those online analyzers.

Of course the great equation posed by ever-changing Google algorithms requires the use of SEO tools for website audits: the billions of URLs, links, keywords and other components of the formula would be intractable to a human brain.

Detailed SEO Audit by Senior SEO consultant

Auditoría SEO

Therefore we understand that the purest and correct way is based on extracting the information using some SEO and SEA optimization tools then cross it and interpret it based on a genuine SEO specialist expertise, a professional who not only knows the intricacies and trends of the moment, but have historical perspective and especially a lot of field experience. There are dozens of good SEO consultants who do not help their customers 100% due to lack of experience, not caring for the constraints of given economic sectors or not distinguishing reported problems from feasible solutions, among other things. Very plain example: imagine you state a problem, being this “I am freezing”; then the expert comes and tells you that you should “reach for the nearest star”. Yeah, right buddy, but would this be a solution??

We don’t criticize all nor do it for nothing, just want you to know what to expect out there and what we do not stand for. Our SEO audits are made in Barcelona, being processed and validated by local skilled human eyes before landing into your mailbox; we explain them in detail with screen sharing for maximum comprehension. Efficient and inexpensive.

SEO audit delivers an in detail report crafted by senior SEO consultant, this website audit for SEO improvement is not an automated deliverable, but a fully charged report with the very much things you can improve on your website for effect.