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SEO services for WordPress with Rank Math, both free version and PRO licensed.

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress, this is to say an extension to add features and functionality to standard WordPress. It is part of my experience: as a freelancer SEO consultant I offer SEO services for WordPress, among other specialties. Within the global work of SEO optimization for websites created with the well-known WordPress content manager, the choice of plugin for SEO functionalities is of great importance.

Rank Math - Servicios SEO para WordPress - Ricard Menor
Rank Math - Servicios SEO para WordPress - Ricard Menor

Why do I recommend Rank Math?

While there are 2 typical competitors that may still surpass in market volume -both quite earlier- Rank Math (Yoast SEO and AiOSP All in One Seo Plugin), the features, multiple microfunctions and tendency to technical SEO of Rank Math have pushed me to study and adopt this plugin SEO for WordPress; to the point where Rank Math SEO plugin has become my trusted extension.
I use it for some long-term client projects, my own projects and I am clear that for my future SME web projects as long as WordPress is the CMS chosen.

Compatible plugin

Rank Math is compatible with the most important plugins to give your WordPress superpowers. This SEO plugin can be combined with WP extensions as important as WPML (multilanguage) or WooCommerce (online sales).

A plugin is not enough

Agree that it is an extremely useful SEO plugin, but like all the others it is not enough on its own. Doing SEO encompasses much more than installing and setting up a WordPress extension correctly. Do not hesitate to consult and we will talk about it.

Take advantage of Black Friday for your Rank Math PRO license


I recommend switching to PRO

Of course the offer is part of the Rank Math affiliate program, but if it is in favor of my work and therefore of my clients: why would I not recommend it?

If I have not done it it is because we have other more important things for the moment, it will come… In fact, you may take this campaign as such recommendation.

Black Friday Rank Math PRO en condiciones muy ventajosas
Black Friday Rank Math PRO en condiciones muy ventajosas

Rank Math PRO at 47€/year

Argh! I bought it for $59, but still I’m happy with the result it gives me. Today I can offer this opportunity to my customers and visitors, you have until 30/11/2022!

Today the euro saves you 2€ extra

Black Friday Rank Math PRO en condiciones muy ventajosas

The currency exchange still plays in favor, we are again at lows of the dollar vs euro. This varies daily, but today you save a little more.

You’ll still be able to subscribe to Rank Math PRO at a good price

This recommendation does not expire with the specific offers, remember that I myself subscribed at the time to the (not so) advantageous price of $59/year (without VAT, if you do not enter a valid VAT ID in the purchase it will cost you $ 79).

If you have not been able to take advantage of the super punctual offer on duty, you can still subscribe.

There you have it, add the SEO plugin recommended by your reference consultant at a small price that is maintained over time.

Black Friday Rank Math PRO en condiciones muy ventajosas
Black Friday Rank Math PRO en condiciones muy ventajosas

Moving from Yoast SEO to Rank Math

If you install the plugin on your own there is a possible side effect that you should know, but whose impact is more aesthetic than productive.

When migrating from Yoast SEO to Rank Math (the PRO version works piling on the base plugin) the SEO scores of the contents may no longer be available.

Apparently they disappear, but they don’t. SEO rating data is not part of the migration because each plugin does the calculations it at its discretion.

Simply Rank Math has not executed its analysis yet and it is something simple and fast (in fact, it always does it when you save your changes in the content, that is the simplest solution, but laborious according to the amount of content). There are at least 2 official ways to do this re-evaluation automatically and in a short time (depending on the amount of content).

This had been happening with old versions of this SEO plugin, nowadays solving this during the migration of plugin SEO is already automated by the plugin itself, but it still depends on whether or not you check a box; It’s all in the tutorial that I link below.

Also, you should not worry at all because I myself do the migration to Rank Math as part of my SEO work, this is a known fact and fully covered in this official tutorial.


Simply change YOUR-URL for your domain and you will arrive at the SEO plugin management page where you can launch the re-evaluation of your content.

Do not forget that once you press the button that I show you, the browser tab or page must be open. You can continue working in another tab, window, or app.

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