SEO consulting for the official website of the European Parliament

SEO consulting collaboration to ensure the implementation of the best SEO practices for the European Parliament website, which shows the official results of the 2019-2014 Elections.

A new opportunity to work hand in hand with a great company, this time Scytl Safe Electronic Voting gave me the chance.

SEO consulting best practices for international web projects.
External B2B consultant for companies in their public and private projects.

SEO consultant selected by SCYTL Safe Electronic Voting for this project

No details are mentioned for several well-founded reasons.

However, it is obvious that the geopolitical situation and the dangerous “assumptions” above require added security in terms of public and private Internet-based computer tools.

What I can add about this project: it has been a very pleasant experience, from the first contact.

Beyond its achievements, I can say that Scytl is a great company with a team that lives up to it.

Other works for web migration projects:

SEO consultancy specialized in WordPress for the new Sagrada Familia website.

After a year since the migration of the distribution division, I had the opportunity to participate in the web migration project for the new portal of the marketing division for Home and Business, according to changes caused by the new legislation for energy companies.

Migration of the IQS portal (Ramon Llull University) in 2011 and subsequent technical maintenance and monthly SEO monitoring collaborating with eData.
This project united us for 4 years and led to my entry as a partner and the re-foundation as eData Digital Development.

Web migration project for the new portal of the distribution division according to changes caused by the new legislation for energy companies, which prevents the same company from distributing and marketing. This legislative change meant splitting the original portal into 7 divisions, as well as the company itself.

One year after participating in the Distribution migration, I was invited to participate in the marketing migration.

A few years after the execution of the project, Gas Natural Distribución has created the Nedgia brand.

Credits: all images and video come from the website and public accounts of SCYTL and the European Parliament.